About Sweden.Closettour

This project is a swatch of the material to come from Closettour, a multimedia venture Jenni Avins established in the autumn of 2009. With the support of Jeff Jarvis' Entrepreneurial Journalism class, she stood up in front of a panel of venture capitalists and media pros at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and told them she was wondering what to wear. They awarded her a grant to figure it out, and display her findings in the form of stories integrating audio, video and the written word. This site is the first stab at one of those stories--an alpha version of the journeys ahead. It's a collaborative process, so any questions, comments or ideas you have along the way would be hugely appreciated. Please send a virtual postcard with your notes, by way of this page. Or if you'd prefer to keep it private, send an email to jenniavins[at]gmail.com.

"A month ago, this project wasn't even an idea yet." That's what my multimedia editor reminded me the night before Sweden.Closettour was scheduled to launch. Indeed, it was a pretty quick turnaround, which would have been impossible without a team as tireless as they are talented.


Multimedia Editor...Indrani Datta
Web Design and Development...Grace Koerber
Title Film Production...Julie Miller and Lina Plioplyte
Multimedia Production...Michael Lanzano, Perry Santachote, Brian Winkowski


As the opening film says, "I was unraveling my sweaters, from Africa to the Andes, when an invitation arrived!"

That invitation arrived with a little help from Erin Dixon, my dear editor at Dossier Journal, who directed the Swedish Institute to my work. They in turn invited me, Erin and the stylist Turner, to Stockholm to meet with designers involved in EcoChic, an exhibit about sustainability and Swedish fashion that will be summering at New York City's Scandinavia House. The Swedish Institute paid for our passage and hotel (which was lovely) and Kajsa Guterstam, our intrepid guide, kept us caffeinated and on course. We did not take home any free clothes.


See for yourself! EcoChic opens on May 5, at New York City's Scandinavia House, and many of the characters who appear throughout this site will be participating in a series of lectures, symposiums and events.


Albert Bartlett, Chad Bernhard, Ryan Brown, David Carr, Tom Clark, Gabriel Dance, Lee deBoer, Erin Dixon, Fred Graver, Kajsa Guterstam, Anja Hynynen, Jeff Jarvis, Henrik Lampa, Aeneas MacKay, Dammika Niroshenie, Hamish Robertson, Tim Schwartz, Karin Stenmar, Alistair Wallace

The McCormick Foundation and The CUNY Center for Journalistic Innovation